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[2020.02.29] Zwei-Luna permanent hiatus (disband)

We are sorry to announce the disband of ZWEI LUNA.

For more informations, you can check our Facebook for now (that will be deleted in the next weeks)

The website will not disappears and Tohma will give you a lot more informations that the one actually on FB.

You will know everything about the situation about what happened.
So please, check ZWEI-LUNA website when Tohma will release all the informations.
But we don't want to use FB/Instagram anymore for any of our project.

Thanks you so munch for your support for all these days.
We will never forget these days.

Please, check this website when Tohma will release all the informations in the next two weeks.

New Single【Morphine】finally announced

Zwei Luna will releases the new single + Music Video「MORPHINE」on Mai 2017!

It will include 2 tracks:


More details will be available a few days before the release.

We are sorry for the long await time, we promise that you will not be disappointed about the PV :)
Stay tuned!

ZWEI LUNA officially introducing Emon and Bambie

  • profil emo
  • profil bambie

You saw them at our latest live in Paris and you asked yourself who are they?

They are our new bassist and drummer, Emon and Bambie!

Their profiles are now available on our website, in the band category!

Note: Fumito has been replaced by Emon, as he left for personal reasons.

New covers available

Two Zwei Luna cover are available to listen for free

  • -Redemption (GACKT Cover)
  • -Riyuu (DIR EN GREY Cover)

You can listen it on our Website and on our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/zweilunaofficial.


  • profil fumito

Fumito is now officially our new bassist and will take part on our next lives.

His profile has been added to the website in Band.
With Fumito on our side, we really trust that our music will reach a new level.

Best wishes for him!

ZWEI LUNA introducing new members

  • profil taku
  • profil gutsia

Say welcome to Taku and Gutsia, as drummer and bassist!

A new profil session has been added to the website in Band.
They are now permanent members and you'll meet them during our lives.

Website Opening!

The new ZWEI LUNA Website is now opened!

The website has been made for all devices, computers, smartphones and tablets because we know how important those are today.

Some categories are closed for now because we are still working on it, we will work this month to get all the content available as soon is possible.
At the same time, we will increase the design, ergonomy and performance so all you guys can join us whatever your device!

I hope you will enjoy it, don't hesitate to comment so we can improve it!

Note: The website is not compatible with old versions of Internet Explorer, if you are using IE6/IE7, please download google chrome here or firefox here.

Latest release

storm cover


Contains 5 tracks:
  • -STORM
  • -I.M.E

Listen it for free only on our website!